I’m not a chef…..let’s get that straight, if it wasn’t already. I’m not professionally trained as a chef, cook or caterer.

I do co-own a vegan cafe. I’m not a chef, I’m more of a baker and I bake alot!

I was dragged up as a vegetarian in the 1970’s and 80’s and that was considered strange. And with tasteless un-marinated tofu, over boiled vegetables and absolutely no help from Linda Mac or Quorn on the horizon, my home was a pretty flavourless place to be.

Can you imagine a world with no way of searching for a decent veggie or vegan recipe? Or no platform to rant about the addition of milk powder in EVERYTHING?!

I haven’t been vegan for long and outside of the happy vegan world of The Garden Shed Cafe, I find it pretty difficult sometimes……mostly for these reasons;

  1. I don’t always carefully read the ingredients labels for my own shopping (I have been caught out with Honey in Hummus and Egg White in Falafels – both sainsburys btw)
  2. As much as I want to convert my friends, I also want to keep my friends. I quite like them now.
  3. I don’t always want to cook and bake from scratch
  4. I am too polite to turn down a cup of tea that my Nan has made with milk

NotAChef is here for you.

I want to pass on some tried and tested recipes that I have lovingly, sometimes swearingly, researched and developed until they passed the test.  Lime and coconut cake