Breakfast Mug Cake

I’ve got to say that I was intrigued by this recipe. I genuinely like the ‘500 calorie Diet Planner’ made by Woman magazine. A lot of the recipes are easy and different but very rarely vegan. I quite often veganise them for personal use and although I can’t stick to a 500 calorie fast ( the downside of owning a vegan cafe and being constantly surrounded by good food) I do use the recipes.

So the idea of a cake for breakfast really appeals. Specifically, the banana mug cake from the June – Sept 2017 issue. It’s microwaveable in a mug! And 100 calories!! Wowsers, this is the stuff of dreams.

Unfortunately it’s not my favourite mug cake – maybe it’s the banana. I will make this again at some point and possibly use apple and raisins instead of banana. Or maybe raspberries. It definitely needs more flavour, I think.

A breakfast mug cake is such a fabulous idea though. It’s a recipe worth trying as I think it’s easily personalised to taste.  So I will update as I change it.

Anyway the recipe is below. But if you fancy something sweeter but just as easy try one of my other mug cake recipes. There’s a Chocolate banana mug cake, Bakewell in a mug recipe, Chocolate & Raspberry mug cake, Jelly Baby (lemon & raspberry) mug cake, and my absolute favourite White Chocolate & Green Tea Mug cake.

Let me know what you think of this one and if you change it, what you do.

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