The best ever vegan Bakewell tart recipe. Ever.

These Cherry and Almond Bakewells are one of the biggest sellers at the cafe. They always have been and continue to be, even when there are more exciting cakes available. And that kind of sums up their popularity – people like being blanketed in comfort.

Comfort makes people happy. Especially in these confusing pre-general election, post Trump times. After all, a cup of tea seems to make everything OK again. If you add cake to the scenario, well……it could even erase away any thoughts on Brexit. But it would have to be very, very good cake.

And this could be it. Especially when it’s still warm from the oven and you take that first forkful. There’s something incredibly satisfying about hitting the pastry layer after the gooey soft sponge, followed by the tang of the cherries and flavour of the almonds…..are you dribbling yet?


This recipe makes 16 really good sized Bakewell slices. Keep your eyes out for my next post – Bakewell mug cake. For when you need Bakewell cake. Right now. This recipe here takes a bit longer than a mug cake for 1 but is very worth it. So here goes


The Best Ever Bakewell Slice Recipe. Vegan, too!

I know it’s boring and you want to get on with the good stuff but preheat your oven. Gas Mark 4 or 180c. Go on, switch it on now. You’ll thank me for it later.

1/ Dry Ingredients – Mix together the following in a bowl and set aside

200g Self Raising Flour

200g Caster Sugar

200g Ground Almonds

1 1/2 teaspoons Baking Powder

2/ Wet ingredients – in a jug, mix together the following and set aside

230ml Soya milk (or any plant milk)

180ml vegetable oil

1 1/2 teaspoons of almond essence

3/ Now before any wet/dry mixing goes on, fit a sheet of ready rolled pastry to your 11×13” tin.

Put that pastry in its place. Show it who’s boss….

As busy as I am, I use supermarket’s own or Jus Rol Shortcrust pastry sheet. It’s approximately 375g. And I leave it on its baking sheet too. cause that’s how I roll. Or un-roll.


If you are a domestic god or goddess then I’m sure that home made pastry would be as heavenly as you are. But remember to line the tin with baking paper.

4/ Then smother that pastry in half a jar of black cherry jam. And put to one side for a minute while you do the other important stuff….

Are you ready for some mixing now?

5/ Pour your wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and stir until just combined. 

 Then add about 175g Frozen Cherries

                                            …..and stir until mixed through

You need to be as quick as possible (without flicking cake batter all over your kitchen) in stirring the mixture until combined, pouring into the pastry & jam covered pan and getting it into the oven. The speed is an important part of making vegan cakes rise. So no taking a nap between mixing the batter and getting it into the oven. You need to do it straight away. Like, now. Pour that batter into the pan and get it even.

Quick, Quick….

6/ Into a preheated oven at Gas Mark 4, 180C for about 45mins – 1 hour. Until golden brown and cooked through.

Now you can sit back and relax and admire your awesomeness with the smell of blissful baking wafting through your house

7/ When your Bakewell is cooked and cooling, spread some warm cherry jam over the top and coat with either chopped or flaked almonds.

Now make your Drizzle icing

8/ I do this by eye, so hard to talk measurements. Basically, throw some icing sugar into a jug….I really don’t know how much, but lets say 100g. Then add a splash (and I really mean a splash) of water. And stir with a fork.

If the drizzle is too thick add just a drop more water. If too thin, you’re going to need to add a lot more icing sugar. You’re aiming for an average custard consistency.

Drizzle that icing over your Bakewell. Get creative. Own your cake…

                     ….and eat it 

If 16 slices is too much cake, you can always freeze it. These cakes freeze and defrost really well if they make it that far.

Good luck!

Let me know how yours turn out 🙂

23 thoughts on “The best ever vegan Bakewell tart recipe. Ever.

  1. notachef73 says:

    lol! I’m really pleased that you enjoy it Adrienne. It really is a good recipe! Its really easy to chop and change around too – it works well with frozen raspberries and raspberry jam instead of cherrys. I made a ‘mince pie’ version at Xmas and used mincemeat instead of jam and Sliced apple and raisins as the fruit in the batter


  2. Lisa says:

    Hi, mine rises but then kind of sinks in the middle. Made it a few times now. It’s fully cooked through. Any ideas? It does sink a lot, it just isn’t flat at all. Tastes great though!


    • notachef73 says:

      Hiya Lisa, do you leave your Bakewell in the pan to cool? Generally, most cakes will sink slightly if left in the pan to cool.
      Once I’ve baked any of my cakes I leave them in the pan for a couple of minutes then transfer to a wire cooling rack.


      • Lisa says:

        I made it as a Bakewell tart, so it was in a tart case. I did leave it in the case. The filling tasted slightly fizzy even when cooked, which made me think it may have too much baking powder. I’m going to try a small batch with less baking powder. It’s a really nice recipe


  3. jessetceterablog says:

    I’ve just made my fourth…(yep 4th!) one of these Cherry Bakewell slices. They are so yummy, so fail proof and such a hit with everyone.. vegan and non vegan friends and family alike. I think I’m addicted.
    Today I made it with my 2 year old daughter who face planted into the batter she loved it so much.
    I love your recipes, thank you so much!


  4. Diane Teaare says:

    I’m going to try this – picked some fresh rhubarb yesterday and wanted to make a rhubarb bakewell tart! Just one question, do you use the savoury jus roll pastry? I can’t find sweet short crust here (live on the Isle of Man!) Thanks 🙂


    • notachef73 says:

      Oooh that sounds good! The Jus rol I use is just plain pastry. It’s not savoury unless you add savoury fillings but it’s definitely not sweet! The jam layer makes it sweet anyway


  5. Anna says:

    Very excited to make this – it’s in the oven as we speak! I really miss Bakewell tart in the 4+ years I’ve been vegan. I offered to make some vegan traybakes for my friends’ upcoming wedding. Fingers crossed this works as well for me as it has for everyone else who’s posted!
    Thanks so much!


  6. Hanner says:

    Made a variation on this that worked quite well with approx 375g of cherry jam. Made it in a 10 inch by 15 inch ikea tray with a tall parchment collar. Rose nicely in the oven, so the tall collar was definitely a good idea!
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe!


  7. Minky says:

    We love love this recipe! I must make it every week, have made it with lemon marmalade and lemon essence, Mince meat, it’s so adaptable! Thank you so much


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